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www.listaproperty.com provides you with the most complete inventory of property rentals in Tunisia. We offer city properties, coastal properties and desert escape properties.

While apartment rental in Tunisia is probably the most popular type of accommodation, villas and duplexes are popular as well. No matter what type of property you are looking for, we can help you find your dream property.

Whether you are looking for a villa for rent or an apartment rental in Tunisia, there are few things to consider including the following: Are you looking for a property for rent with all the modern appliances and amenities? Or are you looking for something charming and unique? Do your rental requirements include having a yard or certain facilities such as a pool or gym? And lastly, do you want to be able to walk to cafes, shops and go without a car?

Once you have answered these questions, it is time to figure out your budget and to determine what part of town you would like to live in. Make sure your budget is realistic in order to avoid wasting time. One of the best ways to check your budget is to look at current properties for rent on listaproperty.com

The next thing to determine is what type of space do you want. If outdoor living is important to you, an apartment with a balcony or a villa is the best bet. If being in the center of town near the hustle and bustle is most important, a small apartment might do the trick. If you have a family, you might be interested in a villa with a yard further out from town.

For any of your rental property needs, visit our site. You can search by number of beds and baths, price, location, and property type. You can also search our agent’s directory and find agents that specialize in property for rent in Tunisia. If you cannot find your dream property, you might want to contact and agent or broker directly and explain your properties needs to them. They may have inventory that is not on our site or may know of inventory that is about to come on the market.

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