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When looking for Apartments for sale Egypt, location is the single most important thing to consider. Consider specific points of interest that you feel are a necessity to have around you such as a supermarket, public transportation, a park, the beach. This is true whether you are looking apartments in Maadi, or an apartment for sale Zamalek or just general apartments for sale in Cairo.

Apartments for sale in Cairo come in many different sizes and forms. You might look for high rise apartments or low rise apartments. Or you may look for property Egypt in the form of a single family home. Amenities are an important factor when it comes to which apartments for sale in Cairo and all Egypt real estate you want to see in person. Determine which amenities are non-negotiable. Common examples are: swimming pool, gym facilities, covered parking and a maid’s room. Having a list will really help when screening properties, whether you are using an agent or considering properties for sale in Egypt that are owner represented.

Once you have browsed a variety of apartments for sale in Cairo, including apartment for sale Zamalek and apartments in Maadi, it is time to visit them in person. Pay attention to the condition of the property as any repairs can be used as a bargaining tool for the purchase price. Common things to look for include: exterior damage, checking the foundation, inspecting the condition of floors, walls and ceilings, checking the air conditioning system, and, of course, the electricity.

When looking for Egypt real estate, ask about the utilities of the property. You might be able to transfer some of the utilities from the owner to you. A quick checklist of utilities includes: water and sewage, electricity, natural gas, internet, cable or satellite TV, and telephone.

Make sure the previous owner has settled and transferred all utility bills so that you do not get stuck with the bill.

We aim to have all your Egypt real estate needs here on However, In the event you do not find an apartment for sale in Zamalek or apartments in Maadi to suit your needs on please contact one of the agents directly from our site. With their knowledge of the Property Egypt and being Egypt properties specialists they may have more options than are currently shown on our site.

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