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Apartment for sale in Downtown

Downtown Cairo isn’t only perceived as the heart of the Cairo, yet the heart of the Middle East. Being located in the core of the capital city of 7000 years of civilization has made Downtown Cairo one of the city’s most important ‘IT’ spots! With all of that in mind, there’s still a numerous amount of people who would rather live in an apartment for sale in Downtown Cairo, rather than choosing a fancy villa for sale in any of Cairo’s suburbs!

Pros of Choosing an Apartment in Downtown

Even though an apartment in Downtown Cairo wouldn’t promise a golf land vista that’s surrounded with artificial lakes and ponds, like most closed communities do, it would promise a mesmerizing view of the community, which we’re sure would take your breath away! Even though apartments in Downtown Cairo wouldn’t be considered surrounded with any modern cosmopolitan lifestyle, they’re still surrounded with everything else that anyone living in Cairo would need. Whether it’s a facility that meet the needs of everyone, like medical centers, hospitals & 24/7 operating pharmacies, to local cafés and restaurants that cram up the community.

Not only that but by settling in an apartment for sale in Cairo’s Downtown you’d be choosing to be close to everything in the city, whether it’s the famous Nile river or the Cairo Tower, or any of Cairo’s main monuments that stand in the center of the city.

If you’ve considered moving into apartment for sale in Downtown’s Abdul Khaleq Tharwat street, or even a villa for sale in any of Downtown’s busy streets then have a look at some of the properties listed for sale and rent with us! Scroll through our listings and click on the heart icon at the bottom right side of the listing. This will allow you to save all the listings that you’re interested in, so you could easily view them all together and decide on which one you would like to rent out or purchase.