Apartments for Sale in Amman, Jordan

Classifies as an upper to middle class country, Jordan’s residents enjoy a boasting GDP. With Jordan accepting numerous refugees, and with Amman having the most number of expats in it, the real estate market flourished with the Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Foreign investors are said to have made over 4000 real estate transactions in Jordan over the period of only the past year. Transactions made in only Amman are over 35,000 and over 85,000 in Jordan altogether. Purchase an apartment for sale in Amman today, and invest in one of Jordan’s most secure market sectors.

Jordan’s Economy

Jordan’s economy is well diversified. Despite a few challenges Jordan’s economy has faced, its real estate sector has been having a steady growth, showing evidently in Amman’s real estate market. Even though with today’s unstable neighboring countries, Jordan was able to rise 6% of its real estate transactions in only 2016’s first two months. Hence, purchasing an apartment for sale in Jordan, Amman in specific, would assure you positive revenue due to investing in a prosperous sector, such as Jordan’s real estate sector.

Investing in Jordan’s real estate sector

Jordan is a relatively politically stable country, promising steady growth and investments in the country. Ideally located in a strategic location in the heart of Asia, nearby Europe and Africa, it acts a transportation hub for the Middle East, luring investors to Amman, Jordan. Since Amman is Jordan’s business hub, significant number of projects is annually flowed into it. Inviting foreign investors and creating a steady development in Amman’s real estate market.

Listaproperty is established with purpose and passion of connecting the real estate community in Jordan, the Middle East and North Africa. Here at Listaproperty we enjoy tending to your needs and helping you find your ideal apartment for sale. Thus, we created an easy search engine and provided you with Jordan’s finest apartments for sale in Amman and several other cities.

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