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We have hundreds of Lebanon property listings on our site, as well as contact details for many local agencies and developers. The wide selection of apartments, detached properties, and land with planning permission that can be found on our site has helped to make it the first choice for anybody who is interested in the local real estate market. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or letting in the country, Listaproperty should be your first port of call. We deal with property across the Middle East & North Africa, and have an unrivalled knowledge of the type and quantity of properties in Lebanon that are on the market at any given time.

A Land of Opportunity

Lebanon has a rich and interesting history, which has included periods of great upheaval in the late 20th and early 21st century. Nevertheless, the period of reconstruction and redevelopment that it entered into a few short years ago seems to have stimulated the Lebanon real estate market considerably. While prices are still at very affordable levels, especially when compared to some other countries in the region, this may not remain the case for too much longer so now could be an excellent time to become involved in the local property market if you have not already done so. Whilst it is not our place to predict the future path of house prices, we would be very surprised to see them retreat to former lows in the near future.

A Land of Contrasts

It is unusual to find such contrasts in a country the size of Lebanon but even though it is only just over 4,000 square miles in area, you can find both world-class ski resorts and Mediterranean diving sites within its borders. The type and location of the property for sale in Lebanon ranges from cosy apartments close to local skiing facilities, to coastal villas with stunning sea views, either of which would make perfect holiday homes for those who only wish to visit the country occasionally. If city life is more to your liking, we have plenty of real estate listings in Lebanon that will be of interest to you. Take your time when browsing the properties featured on our site and you will find it easier to identify those that offer the best value for money in the future.

Local Brokers

As mentioned earlier, you can find full contact details for many Lebanese property agents on our site, so that even those who have never owned a property in Lebanon before will find it easy to complete a purchase. Whilst you are of course free to deal directly with the owners or landlords of properties in which you are interested, a local expert can make the process of completing a real estate transaction that much simpler than it would otherwise be. Whether you choose to work alongside a local agent or to go it alone, we sincerely hope that you find the perfect solution to your real estate needs when browsing our selection of Lebanon properties.

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