Duplexes in Beirut

With real estate prices hitting rock-bottom in Beirut, a number of people are buying apartments, duplexes and properties in hopes that their prices would appreciate and they would be good means of investments in Beirut for the long run. It’s agreed upon that duplexes are a great property for investment in Beirut, yet it has a several pros and cons for living and investing in one.

Duplexes are two story apartments that have inner staircases that connect the two together. Duplexes often combine the pros of apartment and villa properties, thus creating a better option for homeowners. As duplexes are two floor apartments they naturally create more space than one story apartments, they are ideal for big families that are still trying to cut down their budgets and have a reasonable apartment price, without having to deal with villa’s maintenance and higher price ranges.

Furthermore, duplexes in Beirut are usually the top floor penthouses that would provide its residents which mesmerizing panoramic cityscapes for Beirut. It would provide a spacious home like villas, but still be located in Beirut’s downtown. Since most villas are at the outskirts of Beirut, living in duplexes would provide you with the space you desire and the location you aspire to live in.

Are Duplexes Worth the Investments in Beirut?

Naturally properties with more land component size, appreciate faster, thus buying a duplex in Beirut as a new home or as a form of investment would bring you higher returns of investments. As any other property investment, if you purchase the right duplex in Beirut you would definitely be making a good investment. Moreover, people who usually invest in duplexes in Beirut, and even worldwide, are likely to rent out the other floor as a form of investment.

Since duplexes maybe hard to find in Beirut, we recommend you to get in touch with any of our regional experts to help you find the most ideal duplexes for sale in Beirut.

Duplexes for sale in Beirut

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