Dubai’s Astonishing Developments Inspires 14 year old boy

Popular for its constant astonishing developments in the past decade, Dubai’s ideal infrastructure amazes millions and millions. With around AED80 billion spent on infrastructure projects in the just the past decade Dubai’s constant development is perceived as a source of inspiration for many.

Dubai developers have continuously been on work for mega worldwide projects that lead to exponential growth in various sectors, such as hospitality, tourism, trade, shipping & logistics, and most importantly real estate. Dubai aspires to always exceed expectations and rise to challenges; with hope, hard work and determination everything is possible to achieve in Dubai.

In the span of approximately two decades Dubai has changed tremendously. It has become not only one of fastest developing cities in the world, but also a world record breaker in various things. Dubai is now a city that boasts the most luxurious hotels, outstanding architecture and world-class entertainment and sporting events.

A video created by Christopher Kelaita, a 14 year old living in Dubai, show through his lens multiple Dubai developments that help inspire him. At Listaproperty We firmly believe in supporting the cultural, social and economic growth of the Middle East Region. The youth will shape the world. This is why it's important for us to support #MEYouth, we believe in #MEyouth because they will be the ones creating today’s hopes and dreams into tomorrow’s reality.

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