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The city of Muscat is one of the largest cities in Oman, and it prides itself with breathtaking views and a lifestyle that speaks of modern living with a traditional vibe. A far cry from the pulsing city of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this Omani capital is still considered a dream destination for tourists and travellers who are looking for some peace and quiet, away from towering buildings and high-end lifestyle. Visitors will be greeted by stunning white mansions and villas that boast of a unique blend of sophistication and Arabic design.

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Despite the laidback environment, Muscat is packed with things to do and destinations to explore. One of the most famous attractions of this city is the breathtaking beaches near the inns and villas. Water sports enthusiasts can take a dive and see the great wonders of the Gulf of Oman.

Families can also have a whale of a time bonding over dolphin watching or just taking in the beautiful but contrasting view of rock structures of the Muscat coastline, which can be seen from your rented villa.

The villas and properties themselves are a wonder to behold. Apart from the unique and splendid design of Muscat villas, property owners provide the best service to their clients to ensure that they will feel at home and comfortable in their new home – from accommodating staff to complete property amenities. Arab hospitality is known throughout the world and there is no shortage of that in Muscat.

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