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Tunisia only occupies a relatively thin slice of Northern Africa, but it remains an intensely popular place to visit or even retire on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. There’s a great deal to see, explore and enjoy here – beginning with the standard sun-and-sand beach environs, but continuing on to include impressive historical attractions from the Ottoman and Byzantine empires.

As a result, the Tunisian property market is burgeoning. Holiday homes, villas and serviced apartments are found across much of the coastline, and even into the interior. If you’re looking for properties in Tunisia, you’ll find an impressive selection here on this page. At, we specialise in properties across North Africa and have several high-quality listings for Tunisia.

Where to Look for Real Estate in Tunisia

Tunisia is a well-developed holiday destination, with a variety of cities and towns with property for sale or rent. Beachfront villas, serviced apartments and more are widely available throughout Tunisia. Here are some of the key cities and towns where you’ll find property in Tunisia:

  • Djerba: This Mediterranean island town features a lovely collection of holiday rentals and homes for sale.
  • El Kef: In the north-west of Tunisia, El Kef features grand Ottoman and Byzantine architecture.
  • Gabes: An important transit hub on the east coast of Tunisia, Gabes has its own collection of properties for sale and rent.
  • Kairouan: Famous both as a pilgrimage site and a place where traditional carpets are sold, Kairouan offers a mix of holiday rentals and commercial properties.
  • Monastir: An ancient city with Phoenician roots, Monastir is a popular charter-flight destination and features plenty of luxury properties for sale and rent.
  • Sfax: This is a profoundly historical town and famous launching point for the Kerkennah Islands.
  • Sousse: Of UNESCO World Heritage fame, Sousse is also a popular beach resort with villas and luxury apartments for rent and sale on the coast.
  • Tozeur: Serving as gateway to several oases in the Sahara, Tozeur is an important tourist junction and features many holiday properties.
  • Tunis: Tunisia’s laid-back capital features stunning Mediterranean villas, holiday homes and so much more.

The above represent some of the most prominent cities where you can buy and sell Tunisian properties, but that’s only the beginning. Given the popularity of this country as a place to retire, you’ll also find that there are several all-inclusive communities near golf courses and other leisure facilities with properties available.

Listaproperty Makes Finding Tunisia Real Estate Easy

Thanks to, buying, selling and renting real estate in Tunisia is easier than ever. It’s no longer necessary to contact an agent and undergo a lengthy search. Instead, you can find your way to the most suitable properties with just a few clicks.

Best of all, we’re committed to dealing with only the highest quality listings. So if you see a property for sale in Tunisia, you can rest assured that it has been properly vetted and approved. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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